Novena to Saint Rita – SECOND DAY

„Jesus said to the paralytic: Get up, take your mat and go home”

Mc 2, 11

Jesus, you want me today to heal from any of my spiritual paralysis – injuries, lack of forgiveness, fostered resentment. You’re telling me to stand up and take these issues from the past that tormented me. You do not take away from me this “bed of pain”, but transforms it, so that from now it is a testimony of your grace. Heal, O Lord, my memories that I knew how to find in them in the glow of your presence and love.

St. Rita, the decision your parents about getting married – in spite of thy desire of religious life – certainly was not easy to accept. But the encounter with the Lord helped you to take it without regret or blame in your heart. What seemed to be so difficult, it has become a source of immense grace and action of God in your life. Obtain for me the grace of liberation from grief and grievances.A powerful advocate in difficult matters, listen with kindness begging my afflicted heart and obtain for me the grace that I need so desperately. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory…

You gave, Lord, to your servant, Rita

A sign of your love and passion.

Everyday decision:I will think about a situation or a person of the past, which I regret and the entire force of will – in the name of Jesus – now forgive him or her.


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