Novena to Saint Rita – THIRD DAY

„See, I set before you today [two ways]
life and prosperity, death and destruction.”

Dt 30, 15

Lord, you always leave me freedom of choice. It’s my decision whether I choose life – which means being with you – or spiritual death – that is sin. In my life there aren’t blind alleys or alleys without exit. You always leave my heart the decision. At any time I can choose good or evil, because the apparent indifference is still not the fulfillment of your will. “For me to live is Christ” – wrote St. Paul. Teach me, Jesus, this union with you, that I always know, what is your will.

St. Rita, after the brutal murder of your husband you had to make a choice: revenge or forgiveness – death or life. Your sons, who initially wanted revenge – died. At the same moment they received the gift of life with Christ. And you even at the bottom of despair didn’t change your decision of forgiveness murderers. A powerful advocate in difficult matters, listen with kindness begging my afflicted heart and obtain for me the grace that I need so desperately. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory…

You gave, Lord, to your servant, Rita

A sign of your love and passion.

Everyday decision:Today I make at least 5 minutes examination of conscience, during which I will look at all of today’s situations and try to discern whose will I fulfilled doing them.


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